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Business, corporations and individuals that we have represented over the years

AIG, AIU, Travelers Ins. Co.,La Vaidel Book Group, Liberty Mutual Ins. Co., New Hampshire Ins. Co. GAB Ins. Co., North American Ins. Co., AIAC, Lloyds Of London, Marriott Corp., Lexington Ins. Co., Camger Chemical Corp., Capitol Construction Co., O’Connor Constructors,Inc., Lone Star Construction Co., Moody Street Pictures, First National Bank of Omaha, Century Bank, GMAC, Ludlow savings Bank, Midnight Pass Productions, National Lumber Co., Lamont Trucking Co., Lexington Liquors Shops., Kamco Co., Orange County, Ca., Performance Tree Co., Pushcart Catering Co.,Taunton Housing authority, Waltham housing Authority, CJ’s Restaurants, Watchtower Co.,Stag-Parkway Corp., Saks Fifth Ave Co., Tillostson Rubber Co., Trombley Brothers Inc., US Adjustment Co., US Emergency Glass Co Inside Track Cycling Tours, Inc., Granite State Ins. Co., Immediate electric Co. ,GMAC, Frye Boot Co., Marriott Corp., Karnak Chemical Co., Hartford Insurance, Chubb Insurance

Actors, Athletes, Entertainers and Directors/Producers Client Links

  • Moody Street Pictures

  • Dream Alley Pictures

  • Bob Harrigan, WWSB, Meteorologist Sarasota, FL

  • Kevin Neganhdi, ESPN Sports Center

  • Tom McManus (NFL Player - Jacksonville Jaguars)

  • Mike Schaffer (NFL Player - Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay)

  • Henry Lawrence (NFL Player-Oakland Raiders)

  • Pete Mitchell (NFL Player- NY Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars)

  • John Wade (NFL Player- Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars)

  • Phil Parkin, (British Amateur Champ (1983) European Tour/PGA Tour)

  • Butch Baird, (Pro Golfer, Senior/PGA)

  • John Pagano (Singer)

  • Ken Hodge Jr. (Pro Hockey Player)

  • Actor Tom Arnold (Actor)

  • John Daly (Entertainer/Spokesperson/News Anchor)

  • Wayne Soares (Actor/Comedian)

  • Ed Lauter (Actor)

  • Tony Tyler (Singer)

  • Dream Alley Pictures

  • Michael McGlone (Actor/Musician)

  • Danielle White (Actress)

  • Armand Assante (Actor)

  • Mickey O'Keefe (Actor)

  • Chanty Sok (Actress)

  • Xavier Tournaud (Actor)

  • Steven Boyd (NFL Player- Detroit Lions)

  • Artie Wahlberg (Actor)

  • Lenny Clarke (Actor/Comedian)

  • Mike Cheever (NFL Player - Jacksonville Jaguars)

  • Gil Santos (New England Patriots Announcer)

  • Todd Rice (Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Boston College and San Diego Chargers)

Attorney Ken Lakin with actor/client Ed Lauter (2012, Best Picture) at the Oscars 2012 in Los Angeles, CA.
Attorney Ken Lakin
with actor/client
Tom Arnold
Attorney Ken Lakin with NFL Clients Tom McManus and Pete Mitchell.
Attorney Ken Lakin on the red carpet with Ed Lauter at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, CA.
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